About Us

 How a One-Of-A-Kind Clock Turned Into Your One-Stop Shop!
 We came to life with a dream born out of a desire to re-purpose wood into a gift for a family member that wouldn’t end up in her closet!  After realizing that our loved one would adore a one-of-a-kind clock that would satisfy her penchant for both the Mexican Sugar Skull and unique timepieces, we created one!
Upon the opening of her gift, the excitement from receiving it danced in her eyes! We then knew that we had hit the jackpot with both an eclectic item and one that would hold meaning for her for many years to come!  Realizing that we had more than just a “one-hit wonder,” we started producing more and more of these clocks, and they were selling.  The business became more than good!
This desire to continue to see the light in the people’s eyes made us more than just a gift company!  We also harness dreams and imagination and bring them to life.  Our ideas aren’t born from the replication of other products.  In fact, we do quite the opposite.  We take our own and our customer’s wildest dreams and turn them into a reality!
Sure, we started with one clock that curiously was adorned by a Sugar Skull.  However, since then, we have taken other creative ideas and brought them to life.  Currently, our focus is on custom engraving and personalized gifts.  Don’t worry, though! We still aren’t afraid to dip our toes into something a little bit more risque from time to time!
The Luua Company is more than just your average engraving business. The Luua Company is your one-stop shop for personalized gifts and rustic decor gifts!  Thanks to our love for Mother Earth and our desire to ensure that we live on a sustainable planet, we have become the premier online supplier for custom-made rustic home decor signs, boxes, and other personalized gifts!