Never Fear, Farmhouse DIY is Here!

One of the biggest questions we are asked is how can I take my home from drab to “Farmhouse Fab” without considerable expenditure.  Although you can find many items in our shop or thrift stores, another fine way to add a touch of rustic home decor is through Farmhouse DIY weekend projects.  With just a little elbow grease and a focus on fun, do-it-yourself projects are an excellent way to get that farmhouse look with minimal money spent and just a little work on your part.


Whether you’re seeking to take an old piece of furniture and revamp it to a new look or add a rustic look to a metal item, Farmhouse DIY is not only in, but it’s also the perfect way to save money while achieving the look that you want!


When it comes to gel wood stains, we are one of their biggest fans!  Not only are they fantastic for changing the look of any wood, but they are also easy to work with!  Without all of the mess of traditional stains, gel wood stains can take your piece of furniture or woodwork from “1990’s nasty” to a “rustic revolution” in mere hours!  They don’t require the amount of stripping and sanding that traditional stains require.  With just an etching of the item’s surface with sandpaper and then a few applications of the gel wood stain, you can turn that old piece of furniture or another item into a fabulous work of art!


One of the best and affordable Farmhouse DIY projects that we’ve used them on are cabinets!  If the oak cabinets in your house have you feeling down and like you should be listening to 1990’s Pop Music instead of Kenny Chesney, then take your kitchen and baths to a whole new level with gel stain!


All you have to do is sand the surfaces with medium and then fine-grit sandpaper to achieve the perfect surface, and then apply a few layers of the gel wood stain!  Leave that yellowing oak in the past where it belongs and re-stain your cabinets a fantastic denim blue!  Not only will you save a ton of money, but you will also achieve the coveted Farmhouse DIY look that will be the envy of all of your friends!


There are also several products on the market that are designed to specifically revamp metal items like that vintage galvanized garden chair or antique milk jug!  Instead of purchasing a reproduction of an item of the past and paying through the nose for it, take a trip to your local thrift store and get “new to you” garden art that will be sure to please you for just as many years as it did its previous owners!


As you can see, there are many ways that you can utilize Farmhouse DIY projects in your home that will you that rustic look!  With an open mind, some perusing of second-hand stores, and a few supplies, you can decorate your home to a look that’s fit for a farm! 

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